Rio Bellavista waterfall by Bryan Beasley

Rio Bellavista waterfall by Bryan Beasley

Finca Bellavista is a very unique place to call home and to visit as a guest. As such, the community has a unique set of amenities to meet the conventional and unconventional needs of residents and guests, while preserving the integrity of the environment.

The facilities and services available at Finca Bellavista are customized to the rainforest environment. While some amenities are similar in concept to other resorts and communities, a special flare sets Finca Bellavista apart from typical, conventional places.

Finca Bellavista isn’t for everyone… if it were, there would be dozens of communities like it. For starters, the community is pedestrian-access and the means of accessing treehouses are winding stone and gravel trails. Energy needs are met through alternative resources, and all structures must be arboreal or stilt-built in nature to allow terrestrial wildlife migrations.

Some of the Finca Bellavista community’s featured amenities include:

Base Camp

The Finca Bellavista community ‘base camp’ enables access to a selection of customized activities, tours and services. Electronic bike tours, zip-line tours, and daily yoga classes are all on offer, along with a community dining hall, rancho and a riverside spa cabin. A parking area, reception and wifi connection is available to residents and guests in the community base camp.

Food & Beverage Services Finca Bellavista zip lines by Bryan Beasley

Community meals are served from the Community Center, and a daily Happy Hour is on offer in the Community Rancho.  Community meals consist of primarily plant-based dishes using home-grown and locally sourced ingredients. Meat options (locally sourced fish, chicken, and sometimes pork) are available for dinner every other night. Meal delivery, Finca Fresh bags of produce, and potable mountain spring water stations are other features of Finca Bellavista’s Food & Beverage Services.


A network of zip lines and platforms throughout Finca Bellavista allows for an adventurous view of life in the rainforest. Eighty percent of life in the tropical rainforest resides in the upper level of the canopy. Exploring this incredible realm of biodiversity is easy via harness and cable.

Nursery/Food Production Lime Harvest at Finca Bellavista

The community’s grounds are a peaceful and colorful Garden of Eden showcasing abundant flowers, fruits and vegetables. Farm fresh produce is available year-round. With a growing body of residents and visitors, this element is expanding into the creation of a very special and localized food culture. Finca Bellavista’s future goal is to have a 5-mile food ‘radius’, supporting and encouraging local farmers, while maintaining on-site food production.

Finca Bellavista trail by Robb ReeceHiking Trails

Finca Bellavista is a pedestrian-accessed community. As such, your feet will get you most places that you want to go within the community. A system of scenic ground trails and routes access the community. Those with a hankering to wander about the jungle will find that Finca Bellavista’s trails are a great way to explore the terrestrial flora and fauna of the Costa Rica rainforest.

Wellness Services

Group yoga classes are included in your reservation and available daily in the Community Rancho. Massage services are available in a cabin perched overlooking the Rio Bellavista. Please inquire at reception for availability and to schedule a massage.