Though Finca Bellavista provides an experience for humans to dwell, interact, and grow within the treetop realm, commitment to land stewardship and the environment is at the forefront of every decision made. The construction of the community facilities and amenities reflect that commitment.

Though the finca lifestyle is simple and rustic, there are creature comforts. All of Finca Bellavista’s facilities allow for a full immersion in nature and a truly unique experience in today’s modern world.

Some of the Finca Bellavista community’s featured amenities include:

Finca Bellavista Community Center

Finca Bellavista Community Center

Community Base Camp

The Finca Bellavista community ‘base camp’ enables access to a selection of customized activities, tours and services. Electronic bike tours, zipline tours, and daily yoga classes are all on offer, along with a community dining hall and rancho. A parking area, reception and WIFI zone is available to residents and guests in the community base camp.


Finca Bellavista base camp is a ‘hot spot’ zone, where residents and guests can communicate with the outside world via internet connectivity. For owners and residents interested in improving WIFI infrastructure to their treehouses, more regional options will make this possible in the coming years. For now, all zones outside of base camp are ‘cold spots’. It’s a good thing there are plenty of activities and places to explore in the rainforest!

Community Center/Rancho GROUP ON BRIDGE by James Lozeau

Social interaction is an important component of  daily life at Finca Bellavista. The community center at base camp is a cozy place where people can gather for Happy Hour, yoga classes, meals, play games and relax.


A network of zip lines and platforms throughout Finca Bellavista allows for a unique and adventurous view of life in the rainforest. Eighty percent of life in the tropical rainforest resides in the upper level of the canopy. Exploring this incredible realm of biodiversity is fun via harness.

Nursery/Food Production

gardeners at Finca Bellavista nursery The community’s grounds are a peaceful and colorful Garden of Eden showcasing abundant flowers, fruits and vegetables. Farm fresh organic produce is available year-round from the Finca Bellavista gardens. With a growing body of residents and visitors, this element is expanding into the creation of a localized food culture through a farm-to-table environment in the community restaurant. Finca Bellavista’s future goal is to have a 5-mile food ‘radius’ to better support local farmers and continue on-site food production.

Hiking Trails

Finca Bellavista is a pedestrian-accessed community. As such, your feet will get you most places that you want to go within the community. A system of scenic ground trails accesses treehouses and natural features of the community. Those with a hankering to wander about the jungle will find that the finca’s trails are a great way to explore the terrestrial flora and fauna of the Costa Rica rainforest. For visitors with special needs, the community base camp is currently fairly accessible (i.e. ramps in to the community dining hall but with gravel trails), and hosts groups with special needs for recreational camps a couple of times per year. The vision of Finca Bellavista is to have a fully accessible group facility to host groups with special needs.