Moon Management

At Finca Bellavista, our gardeners use the moon to manage the gardens. This method is used in many tropical parts of the world, and is based on utilizing the phases of the moon to determine when to plant, harvest, water, and trim plants.

Full moon at Finca Bellavista Just like the moon impacts the tides of the oceans, the liquids in plants are affected in the same way. During the waxing (creciente) moon the majority of the plant’s vital fluids are active in the leaves, and while in waning (menguante) the liquids remains in the roots. This influence increases plant growth in the waxing stage of the moon and decreases growth in the waning phase of the moon. Managing gardens within this natural rhythm of nature decreases the efforts usually invested in ‘fighting’ natural cycles.

In general, the guidelines in this process are:

New Moon

Plant fast germinating seeds 3-5 days before the new moon. This is also the time for cutting timber, bamboo and palm fronds for roofing.

First Quarter

Fertilizing, composting, and bed preparation are good activities during this week and is the second choice for planting fast-germinating seeds.

Second Quarter

Schedule harvest activities and transplanting, fertilization and harvesting.

Third Quarter

Grafting 3-5 days after the full moon and is a great time for composting, soil fertilization, and bed preparation.

Fourth Quarter

This is the time for pruning and trimming, preparation and planting of fast-germinating seeds before the new moon. it’s also a good time for soil preparation for the greenhouse, composting, soil fertilization and bed preparation.

Not following this general cycle can result in a variety of unfortunate events. For example, timber harvest on the wrong moon will inevitably attract insects and be eaten entirely. Planting or transplanting too early in the moon phase will kill the majority of of saplings. Homes constructed from wood that is cut during the wrong moon will result in termite infestations.