Rules of the House

No Kill Policy

We have a ‘No Kill’ policy for wild animals of any type at Finca Bellavista. If you find or see an animal that concerns you or may be in danger or creating a safety issue for others, please report to an employee to arrange for its relocation or removal.


-If you turned it on, turn it off

-Do not leave items plugged in overnight


-Use only biodegradable products in our bathrooms and waterways

-No, no, no paper or sanity products in the toilets! We are using biodigestors and they can’t handle anything other than #1 and #2.

-Please use water and electricity very sparingly. All resources are precious and limited at FBV.


-If you cook it or eat it, clean it up afterwards

-Take off your shoes when you venture inside or onto flooring

-Pack it in, pack it out. Don’t throw trash on the ground or leave it lying around. If you see trash on the trails or on FBV property, pick it up and dispose of it properly.

-Use the appropriate containers to separate glass, plastic, aluminum, paper and trash. If it’s full or overflowing, please empty it.

-Pick up trash and dispose of it when you see it laying around. Ensure that guests and owners dispose of trash in the appropriate containers.


-All use of the ziplines must be pre-approved, scheduled, and a safety course must be completed prior to taking out groups.

-No smoking in any of our structures… they might be open-air, but things like curtains and linens still absorb smells, and not everyone cares to inhale your smoke.