Community Guidelines

Finca Bellavista is a planned treehouse resort community. As such, there are community guidelines that indicate building guidelines, rules, considerations, and suggestions for those interested in building at Finca Bellavista. Paraiso treehouse deck Finca Bellavista Costa Rica

Primary items to consider before purchasing real estate at Finca Bellavista are the following:

  • All structures must be either stilt-built or arboreal in nature. Poured slab and/or solid terrestrial foundations are not allowed within the subdivided parcels. This element allows for terrestrial migrations in this critical wildlife corridor and provides the uniqueness of our community.
  • In general, our guidelines allow for and encourage multiple, smaller square footage structures. Clearing trees to make way for a treehome is not allowed (think Ewok Village or Swiss Family Robinson… treehouse pods or rooms connected via bridges to gain living space).
  • Home access is via ground trails and non-motorized methods
  • The community’s main access road is for construction and emergency access vehicles only
  • All units must process waste through a bio-digestor
  • All units must use an approved alternative energy source
  • All designs, building and site plans must be approved by the Finca Bellavista Environmental Review Board and obtain a municipal building permit