Program Information

Volunteering is a great way to experience community life at Finca Bellavista, to immerse in the Costa Rican rainforest, and to spend time in an off-grid environment.

Attitude is everything

We can’t say this enough — your experience volunteering at Finca Bellavista will be what you make of it!  We have found that the most ‘successful’ volunteers (ie those who most fully embrace and enjoy their experience) are the individuals who arrive with as few expectations as possible, who have an open mind and open heart, and who are willing to take responsibility for their experience.  Attitude is everything.

The volunteer program has evolved over the years and has become an amazing part of life at Finca Bellavista.  The volunteer program is currently focused on enhancing guest experience, as well as assisting the local staff with behind-the-scenes operations.

In order to volunteer, you must be confident in your physical condition and overall physical and mental health, as daily responsibilities involve hiking in and out of the jungle (sometimes on challenging trails), and other physically demanding activities.

Cost & Commitment

Commitment: 2-4 weeks, with opportunities for extension.  Many people want to volunteer for several months or longer, however we have found that accepting volunteers for up to one month max at first is most ideal.  If you are fully embracing the experience and want to extend we can discuss this when you are on-site. We have had many awesome volunteers stay with us for 2 or more months at a time, who come back every year to help out, and we’ve also had volunteers who have become year-round residents of Finca Bellavista.  Anything is possible!

Cost: The current cost to volunteer is $75/week.  Finca Bellavista is still a small company with many expenses to cover. The financial contribution of the volunteer helps off-set the costs associated with providing you with meals, modest lodging, access to clean and running water, wifi service, and training. We appreciate your understanding!

Availability: We accept volunteers on a rotating basis throughout the year.  The only month that we do not host volunteers is October, because the Finca is closed to visitors during that time.

Other Items to consider:  Volunteers must pay for their laundry ($2/kilo for washed, dried, folded laundry), as well as any beverages consumed at Happy Hour ($2-$4/drink for volunteers). These items are tracked, and each volunteer is responsible for checking out at the end of their term. Traveling and other expenses (meals, hotel rooms, bus fares, etc) assumed with traveling abroad are also considered responsibility of the volunteer.

In exchange for your contributions as a volunteer, you will be afforded:
  • Room & board – a space in the volunteer bunkhouse, and 3 meals per day.  Breakfast and dinner are prepared for you by the local staff, and lunch is make-your-own style using leftovers and ingredients from the gardens
  • Access to private trails, rivers, waterfalls, and gardens
  • Scheduled days off during your term
  • Family & friends discounts on lodging
  • An FBV t-shirt or hat
  • Pre-approved overnight stays in select tree-houses and cabinas
  • Spanish/English language practice with our crew
  • A chance to meet people from all over the world and create life-long friendships with the local staff and FBV residents.
  • An opportunity to live, breathe & play in a place like nowhere else on Earth!

If you are interested in joining our team, please email and we will get back to you with more information, available start dates, and an application.