Carate beachCarate is 45 kilometers south of Puerto Jiménez, and feels longer because the road rattles the bones. Carate is not a destination in itself, but it is the southwestern gateway for anyone hiking into Sirena ranger station in Parque Nacional Corcovado. A handful of well-designed wilderness lodges create good resting spots for those heading to/from Corcovado or those in search of a quiet jungle retreat. The Carate area is for true wildlife and nature enthusiasts only. Bring a sense of adventure and be prepared to be amazed by the wildlife.

Where to Stay

Finca Exotica Ecolodge offers a unique, social and inspirational experience in the heart of the jungle. The views are outstanding, and there’s a friendly and peaceful environment for guests to enjoy.

Luna Lodge is the ultimate jungle retreat. Whether hiking with the possibility of encountering rare wildlife, birdwatching, practicing yoga, or enjoying a therapuetic massage in our Spa Retreat, Luna Lodge is truly a unique experience not found elsewhere in Costa Rica or the world!

The Lookout Inn offers an ocean view from every one of its cabins. This lodge is a bit bigger than the others in the area, but ‘big’ means 11 rooms to choose from.