Mt. Chirripo summit trail

Mt. Chirripo summit trail

Those seeking true adventure will want to trek Mt. Chirripo at some point. Mt. Chirripo is the highest point in Costa Rica, and on a clear day hikers are rewarded with views of the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Reservations are required to stay in Los Crestones base camp, and an overnight stay there will be necessary to summit the mountain.

But afterwards or beforehand, trekkers will want to stay in San Gerardo de Rivas. This is a place to get supplies, a good night’s rest and a hot shower before and after the trek. For those that don’t want to climb Chirripo, plenty of other great hikes are available in this area. And, there’s hot springs to relax in too.

Where to Stay

Casa Mariposa is a hostel and guesthouse, and provides basic, comfortable accommodation for budget travelers.

Rio Chirripo is a higher end guest lodge that has a pool and hosts yoga retreats.

Hotel Pelicano is a peaceful lodge with a friendly atmosphere overlooking the neighboring mountains.