Treehouse Spotlight: El Castillo Mastate

When it comes to iconic treehouses in the world, we’re proud to say that El Castillo Mastate is one of them. Second only to the first treehouse built at Finca Bellavista (the former “Mis Ojos”), El Castillo has been featured in print, TV, movies, and online press spanning the globe from Norway to Japan.


A Castle In The Trees

One of the Finca’s first treehouses, the inspiration for El Castillo was a 200-year old mastate that the owners fell in love with after trekking through the property in search the the perfect tree. They decided to build their dream home high above it’s winding roots; hence “The Castle” was born. With its main tower, an octagonal hut wrapped around the tree just below its first branches and floating at 90 feet in the air, visitors get bragging rights of sleeping in the tallest bed on the property.


Your Own Personal Playground

No matter what corner of the world they are from, visitors never fail to feel like a kid when exploring the multiple levels and hidden surprises of El Castillo Mastate. An 80-foot suspension bridge connects the treetop master suite and deck to a second living area, and every bouncy step above the canopy feels like an adventure. The walk from kitchen to the arboreal bedroom alone suspends visitors above the forest floor, and the ladder-like staircase that leads to the upper level is reminiscent of a childhood treefort, but grown-up. A sense of wonder is impossible to avoid when watching electric-blue butterflies fly drunkenly through the treetops, or washing your face with mountain spring water that flows freely from a conch shell sink.


The Best of Both Worlds

Whimsical details and treehouse living lay just across the bridge from the more lush accommodations and modern conveniences in the newest two-bedroom, one-bath addition to El Castillo Mastate. Bridging old and new, a powerful solar panel setup provides energy to multiple outlets, overhead lights and a small fridge (perfect for keeping a chilled bottle of wine and snacks). Comfortable living spaces and wide-open jungle views along with a spiral staircase add the finishing touches to the house, making it ideal for visitors no matter if enjoying a romantic honeymoon or a family retreat.

Author: Chelsey Perron